Have you ever wondered how the race all comes together? THESE PEOPLE!!!!

In 2016 we formed the Baby Steps Memorial Race Committee. As you can imagine, organizing an event this size takes a lot of time and planning. With the growth of the run and our families, we decided it would be beneficial to share the opportunity of healing with other individuals as well as those who wanted to support the center and our families! See those people in the picture above? Those awesome people are working on getting everything ready for the race right now! We look forward to another great year and hope that the event continues to grow and reach more families who need the support! 

TOP ROW (L to R)

Wendy Malone (Registration) 

Niki Muncher (Overall Support/Kids Area)

Heather Green (Memorial Pieces)

Jamie Parker (Race Registration)

Takeya Pickens (Volunteers and Entertainment)

Merryl Cooper (Volunteers and Entertainment)

BOTTOM ROW (L to R) Cary and Abby Nicholas (Committee Chairman/Sponsorships)

Loni and Justin Hodge (Race Co-Founders and overall Support)

Not Pictured:

Laura Otwell (Sponsorship) 

Melissa Drake (Refreshments)

George and Jerrie Elliott (Amelia's parents/Sponsorships)

Are you interested in joining the committee?

 Email for more information about the committee and race planning!