As two grieving families, we were on a mission to find purpose for our children's lives! We received services from The Amelia Center after our loss and saw the importance of the help they provide through many tough days, weeks, months, minutes... 

Our goal was to assist in the healing process for families who have also suffered the loss of a child. We wanted to bring awareness about The Amelia Center to the community and to raise funds to help support this center that plays such a vital role in the lives of many grieving families. 


In 2009, we held the 1st Annual Baby Steps Memorial Run. The grief we felt (and still feel today) gave us the drive to make this event possible. We had empty arms and hearts and needed to fill them! We knew other families were suffering just like us. Neither one of us had any experience putting on an event like this. We were clueless but determined! As we began planning, we were told time and time again to not get discouraged because "fundraising events hardly ever raise anything the first year!" That wasn't an option for us! We proudly raised over $9,000 our first year with close to 300 participants! 


All contributions from our event allow The Amelia Center to continue to offer services and support to grieving families throughout the community. 


The Baby Steps Memorial Run allows us the opportunity to bring many families together and set aside a day to remember and honor our loved ones. This is a day of celebration and a day for families to know they are not alone on their grief journey. Although our children are no longer with us, the impact of their short lives are exhibited throughout the race. We have built new relationships with many grieving families and are there to support each other when we need it most.